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This past week, from Monday September 27th till Sunday October 3rd, I started my Professional Development Project for EPE 215. For my project, I decided to change my lifestyle. I want to become more physically active, eat and cook healthier and generally have a healthier lifestyle. My blog will serve as a way of recording my thoughts and feelings about how my lifestyle change is going. It will allow me to look back at old posts and notice if my attitude has changed or not.I hope to see a lot of growth!

I decided that I would try setting a time and day that I would always go to the gym. Since I have class at 10:00am on Mondays and Fridays, I decided that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday would be good days to go to the gym before school. As planned I went to the gym from 6:30 till 7:30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week. I thought I would have a tough time getting myself out of bed but it actually felt great to get up early and with purpose. I had lots of time after the gym to come home and shower. I didn’t have much time this week for any naps which I love having and I could definitely tell that I had been up early on those days since I was exhausted by 10:30 pm. I felt like I had a healthy appetite and I loved knowing that my physical activity for the day was already done and I didn’t have to worry about going to the gym after school or anything.

On Friday, I was very tired. I had had a long week since I am not used to being up so early in the morning. After I got home from class that day, I went straight to bed for a nap. On Saturday I woke up not feeling very good. I had a stomach ache, sore throat, and headache so I decided it would be good to have a rest day. I realized how important it is for me to drink a lot of water. I know that I do not drink enough so I would really like to improve the amount of water I’m drinking every day. I found that I was very tired all weekend. This might be because of being sick and it might also be because my body is not used to the routine I began this week. Throughout the summer, I was always feeling tired and this was most likely because I was not being physically active. I really want to make physical activity a part of my daily routine and I want to enjoy it again. Throughout my teen years, I dance 3 to 4 times a week and usually for at least 3 hours each dance night. I enjoyed being physically active and I would really like to love being active again.


For my final project, Johanna, Amanda, Jenny, and I decidedĀ  to create a wiki about incorporating the arts in the k-5 classroom. We thought that this would be a good final project because it’s something that we can continue to build on and it will also be of use to us as teachers. The arts that we chose to focus on were dance, drama, music, and visual arts. We called our wiki Incorporating The Arts.

This morning I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about ECMP 355. No joke. I couldn’t stop thinking about what ECMP has really taught me. Feeling so inspired, I decided to make a second final reflection. If I’m taking the time out of my busy day to make a second reflection which might not even be viewed, I obviously took something away from this class. In my first summary of personal learning, I felt very ordinary, not personalized, and as if I was saying all the same things that my classmates were saying. In this reflection, which I chose to also do on VoiceThread, I feel as if I’m actually voicing my opinion and sharing my actual feelings about what this class has taught me and given me. I hope that some of you, if you take the time, can appreciate my new ideas about what I am taking away from ECMP 355. I hope you enjoy my VoiceThread which I called “ECMP 355 Final Reflection #2.

For my summary of personal learning, I decided to do a VoiceThread. I am totally sold on this program! It was super easy to use and I really enjoyed it. I can see VoiceThread being something that I would enjoy not only personally but also in the classroom. You really can go so much with it. To check out my VoiceThread click here!

Today I had the day off to do homework. I figured I would have tons of time to get things done and would get to have a relaxing evening for once. Boy, was I wrong! I started doing some homework and was putting together a video. My computer kept overheating and it was so frustrating. Instead of getting angry, I looked at my to do list and tried to see what else I could work on while I let my lap top cool down. I realized that everything I had on my list required a computer! I continued working and then I tried to “publish” my video but my computer, once again, overheated. I became very frustrated and was mad that I had nothing on my list that wouldn’t require a computer. This continued for a while but eventually things started to work. Thank goodness for patience!

Prior to ECMP 355, every time I heard the word blog, I thought of it as something people used to vent. I am currently using my blog for that sole purpose! I’m sure I am not the only person that often gets frustrated with technology but even though it does cause me so much frustration, it would be impossible to live without.

Last week a few of my classes were canceled so I decided to go home for a few days. Home, for me, is a three and a half hour drive away. Zenon Park is a very small town that has 2 grocery stores, one restaurant, one bar, one bank… On my way home, I realized that I had forgot my phone charger. I instantly started to panic and trying to figure out how I could get a phone charger. The other people in the vehicle tried to think of other people who might have the same phone as me but of course in Zenon Park, I’m the only one with a Blackberry Tour. On our way home, I strategically tried to save my battery life by turning off vibrate and not using the internet. When I got home that night, I laid in bed and tried to think of who’s charger might fit my cell. The next day I tried both of my parents’ chargers, my best friend’s and finally, after my phone had been dead for a few hours, I found a charger! There were a few moments of panic and wondering how I would possibly communicate with everyone. As I think about it now, I realize how pathetic it is how much i rely on my cell. When my phone was dead and I still had not found a charger, I joked with my friends about how we would have to use the old fashioned telephone. I really found that it was a pain in the butt to be phoneless but it was also a nice break, even if it was only for a few hours at a time! This really showed me how addicted I am to my cell phone. I actually decided that I’m going to make an attempt to be less dependent on it. Wish me luck!

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