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My Personal Philosophy of Education

Through research, analysis, reading, and reflection, I was able to develop my own personal philosophy of education. This philosophy of education is very important because it reflects my own personal thoughts and opinions regarding education and also sets goals for what type of teacher I would like to become. By writing this philosophy, I have learned a lot about myself and it has helped me to understand the way that I view education. I believe that I will find this philosophy helpful when having difficulty in the classroom. It is something that I can always reflect back on. I also believe that my personal philosophy of education will always be changing because as I learn more and gain more experience, I will learn new things or perhaps change my opinion about certain things. Technology is always evolving and becoming more and more important in the classroom so this may also reflect in my personal philosophy of education.

My personal philosophy of education is one that reflects my own values and opinions. I believe that values and morals are very important and they can be very important in education as well. Education should value learners, learning, teachers, teaching and so much more. If there is mutual respect between learners and teachers, a classroom can run smoothly and without difficulty. This point also demonstrates how important respect is in the education environment. Something else to consider is the purpose of learners and the purpose of teachers. In my opinion, the purpose of teachers is to develop well functioning citizens for our society. Teachers should instil in children an enthusiasm to learn and to be the best they can be. They should be seen as guides. The purpose of learners is to succeed and reach their full potential. Teachers should also be positive role models and should actively engage students in what they are learning. I also believe that good behaviour should be rewarded rather than dwelling on punishment. Children are given a more positive outlook by doing this. Teachers must also understand that all children are different which means that all children may learn differently and at different paces. In conclusion, I believe that if all of these ideas can be used and seen in the classroom, learners will have had the best possible educational experience. Education is not easy but it can be worked on and improved for the benefit of tomorrow’s leader.


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