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Week 6- EPE- PDP

Posted on: November 8, 2010

Monday November 1st- Sunday November 7th

This week was very similar to other weeks. I went to the gym on Monday for an hour and had Zumba class on Tuesday evening. I was very proud of myself on Monday when I went to the gym. I got my personal best on the eliptical. Usually by the end, I have burned about 280 calories and this week I pushed myself and worked very hard and got 300 calories. I was really happy with myself. On Tuesday at Zumba I also felt like I was able to push myself and do better than normal. When I got tired and could feel my muscles burning, I pushed myself harder to keep going. I actually put more effort into it and pushed harder instead of just slowing down and getting lazier. I wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday and Thursday so I just tried to take it easy and get lots of rest… which was very difficult since this time in the semester is very busy. We have many projects and assignments that are due so I have been trying to get a lot of homework done.

This weekend, I was very inactive. I also didn’t have much of an appetite and this might be because I haven’t been doing too much. I decided that I would have a “homework” weekend. On Friday, I put in a solid 2 hours of homework time. On Saturday, I did 11 whole hours of homework and on Sunday I did about 8. I felt that I accomplished a lot and was able to organize myself so that I don’t have a stressful and extremely busy time at the end of the semester. What I noticed this weekend was my need for brain breaks. I was doing a lot of typing and sitting at the computer but every once and a while without giving it any thought I would stand up and walk or dance around the house. I found that I worked a lot better after I had taken these couple minutes to move around. I know how important movement and physical activity is for the brain and I’m glad to be noticing and taking advantage of these benefits!



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