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Week 5-EPE- PDP

Posted on: November 3, 2010

Monday October 25th- Sunday October 31st

This week went pretty well. I went to the gym for an hour on Monday morning and had my Zumba class on Tuesday for an hour. That seems to be the two things I’ve actually stuck to doing. On Friday, I had set my alarm to get up and go to the gym at 6:00am but when my alarm went off, I just could not force myself to get up. I’ve been wanting to be motivated to go and for exercise not to feel like a chore but it felt almost torturous to make myself get up that morning. As I think about it, I realize how hard I’m being on myself. I felt very guilty for not having gone to the gym but I should be proud of myself. I HAVE improved my lifestyle. I have been eating a lot better. I pack healthy snacks in my lunch like peas, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, grapes, and yogurt. It has been a good change and I really like that I don’t have much desire for junk food anymore and if I do eat something that isn’t very good for me, I feel guilty… which I think is a great thing! I also have been drinking a lot more water than I used to. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made although I wish I could be a bit more active. I have been very busy recently with school though, so I’ve done okay considering the circumstances. Recently I’ve also noticed my clothes fitting better especially my jeans. I’m so happy I’m starting to feel good and healthy. šŸ™‚


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