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Week 4- EPE- PDP

Posted on: October 28, 2010

Monday October 18th- Sunday October 24th

This week was far better than last week. I went to the gym on Monday morning for an hour. On Tuesday I had my Zumba class. It felt great to be back at my dance class. I love the music and the constant moving. I’m really enjoying taking a dance class again.

Last week, I had focused on getting a lot of sleep. I did some more research and found another very interesting article called “How Much Sleep Do You Need.” In the article,  it lists symptoms of sleep deprivation. I was surprised to realize that I have all of the symptoms! I very often have naps, have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, feel very sleepy during lectures or in warm rooms, and need an alarm clock to get up in the morning. Since I still have these symptoms, sleep patterns is something that I really want to keep focusing on. I realize how important my sleep is and how healthy it can make me feel.

This week I really wanted to focus on drinking lots of water. I know that I never drink as much water as I should but this week, I really tried to drink more than usual. Instead of buying juice, I have instead been drinking water. I did a bit of research and my thoughts and ideas about water were confirmed when I read an article called “11 Benefits of Drinking Water.” It talked about how water can help you lose weight, helps reduce headaches, makes you more productive and so much more. Reading these types of articles really motivates me to drink more water and to become healthier overall. I know that I am doing the right and good thing to try and change my lifestyle for the better.


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