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Week 3- EPE- PDP

Posted on: October 18, 2010

Monday October 11th- Sunday October 17th

This week was by far my worst week so far. Monday was Thanksgiving so I was at home in Zenon Park and I was exhausted from a long busy weekend so I did not do any physical activity. Even if I had been in Regina, I could not have gone to the gym since it was closed. On Tuesday, I had a very busy day. I was very rushed going to Zumba class at 6:30. When I arrived, the instructor was having trouble with the stereo and we actually ended up canceling class. I was very disappointed since I had counted on this time for my physical activity of the day. I continued to have a very busy and exciting week so I actually didn’t do any physical activity until Friday morning when I went to the gym from 6:30 till 7:30am.

Although I wasn’t very physically active this week, I did try to get plenty of sleep. This was not very hard since I was very tired each night and was organized enough that I did not have to stay up late doing homework. I found a good article that is entitled “Guide to Healthy Sleep.” It states that the appropriate amount of hours of sleep needed each night varies per person but is usually about 7 to 8 hours for adults. I always try to get 8 hours of sleep but usually I only sleep about 7 and sometimes 6. Now that I understand the benefits of getting sleep, I would really liked to improve my sleep pattern so that when I am awake I can function the best and be the most productive possible.

Since beginning my professional development plan 3 weeks ago, I have been feeling really great! I feel energetic, productive, and busy! I really do feel that my lifestyle change has been really positive for me. I have been very organized and getting lots of homework done. I am managing my time better. I really hope things continue to go well (even though I definitely wasn’t as physically active this week as I would like to be!) and that I can continue to receive the benefits of having a healthy active lifestyle.


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